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What Is The Best Color Temperature For Car Headlights?

- Apr 23 2019 -

Let's first understand what is called color temperature. Color temperature is the most common indicator of the spectral quality of the light source. The color temperature is expressed by the absolute temperature K. It is a standard black body (such as platinum). When the temperature rises to a certain level, the color starts from red, orange, yellow, green and blue. , 靛 (blue-violet), purple, gradually change, using the characteristics of this light color change, when the light color of the light source is the same as the light color of the black body, we call the temperature of the black body the color temperature of the light source.

Due to the difference in color temperature, the color of light is also different. For example, when the color temperature is 4000K, the color of light is yellow with white; when the color temperature is 6000K, the color is white and close to natural light; when the color temperature is 10000K, light The color of the color is light blue, which shows that as the color temperature gradually increases, the color of the light is gradually biased toward the cool color, which is often said cold light. Different color temperatures correspond to different colors. Different wavelengths give the human eye different color perceptions, from red, orange, yellow, green, blue, sputum (blue-violet), and purple. The sensitivity of the eye varies strongly with wavelength. .

Understand the basic knowledge of color temperature, then we have to choose the color temperature when choosing the lights? First, understand the application of color temperature in the car headlights. The color temperature of the halogen lamp is 2300K-7000K (commonly used 3000K). The color is yellow; the color temperature of the xenon lamp is 4200-8000K (commonly used 4300K). The color is yellowish, and the color temperature of the LED headlight is 3200K-15000K (commonly used 6000K). White. Color temperature is not a measure of the brightness of a lamp, that is, color temperature is independent of brightness.