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LED Headlight Technology

- Apr 23 2019 -

With the continuous improvement of LED application technology and the gradual decline of cost, LED lamps have become more and more suitable for large-scale application in mass production vehicle systems after the initial assumptions such as technical verification and concept car display in recent years. Good prospects. Starting from the full use of LED lights in the Audi R8 electronic system, companies such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Cadillac, and Toyota have also introduced their own LED lights to replace traditional incandescent and HID-lighted car models. Various colorful LED lamps are used to enhance the color of new cars. Less, it has attracted the attention of consumers. At the same time, it also provides a new bright spot for future car design. I believe that more car manufacturers will soon use LED lights as the first choice for car lighting, indicating, backlighting and decoration.

LED is suitable for various lighting applications of automotive electronics, including LED headlights (high beam and low beam), LED fog lights, LED tail lights, LED brake lights, LED turn signals, LED daytime running lights, LED pedal lighting Lights, LED interior lights, LED width lights, navigation, entertainment systems, instrument backlights and indicators. LED lamps are mainly used in automotive systems with the following advantages: First, high color saturation makes the output light clearer and softer, in line with the characteristics of automotive headlight applications; second, long service life, durability, and strong shock resistance , can be more than 20,000 hours, while the traditional halogen lamp life is generally about 300 hours; third, high efficiency, less extra loss, compared to the traditional heat dissipation system of the traditional lamp, it can be seen that the heat loss of the LED lamp is much smaller, The conversion efficiency can reach more than 85%, especially suitable for the future car to pay attention to energy-saving design concept; Fourth, the response speed is fast, different from traditional incandescent light, HID lamp needs a longer drive lighting delay, more real-time reflection of vehicle conditions and road conditions, stay Give the driver a longer judgment time and reduce car safety accidents; fifth, small size, light weight, can achieve smaller and more elaborate lamps, save more space for other models design; sixth, LED lights belong to color Very good light source, no infrared light, ultraviolet light and other light, low heat, radiation, suitable for automotive interior lighting, backlight applications.

The use of LED lights in automobiles is currently concentrated on the use of headlights, taillights, lights, car GPS backlights, etc., especially LED taillights, which account for about 45% of the entire market.