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Causes And Hazards Of Fogging Of Headlights

- Apr 23 2019 -

The important organ of human beings is the eyes, and the headlights are equivalent to the eyes of cars, which is very important for safe driving. However, with the advent of cold weather in winter, many car owners have found that their car headlights start to fog, and even condense into many water drops, which poses a great hidden danger to driving safety, which is very troublesome...

It is estimated that in the face of this situation, you will have a lot of questions, is the quality of car headlights fogging? Why is the reason? Is there a difference between headlight fogging and headlights entering the water? What should I do if your car's headlights are foggy? Today, Xiaobian will help you answer one by one, detailed analysis

1. What is the danger of headlight fogging?

In the weather conditions with large temperature difference between day and night or high humidity, the fog of the headlight not only affects the light transmittance of the headlights of the car, but also the lighting effect is dim and dark. It may even be difficult to see the road surface, and there is no way to issue the correct one. Warning signals have laid a huge hidden danger to driving safety.

To make matters worse, it is also easy to cause serious consequences such as corrosion of the relevant electrical components of the lamp set, destroying the optical effect of the lamp set, and affecting the service life of related components in the long run.

These reasons make your car headlights easier

Due to the design of the car headlight structure, the temperature near the bulb is the highest and the temperature away from the bulb is the lowest. Due to the different structural design of the headlight cavity, the probability of fogging is also different. The more regular the interior of the headlights, the larger the gap between the components, and the better the air circulation, the less likely it is to fog. In the narrow area, the opposite is true, the airflow cannot flow, and it is easier to fog in these areas.

The most common is that the engine cooling system is also one of the reasons that affect whether the headlights will fog when the vehicle is wading or after heavy rain. Too much violence when washing a car, washing the engine compartment with a high-pressure water gun will also increase the chances of water molecules entering the lamp cavity.

2. What is the difference between headlight fogging and water intake?

If the car headlights enter the water, it is not a white mist from the outside, but a larger water droplet appears on the headlight lampshade, and obvious water is seen in the lower part of the lamp cavity. This situation is mainly due to problems with the sealing of the headlight assembly, or directly the damage, penetration and rupture of the outer casing. It is easy to eliminate the fog with the headlights. The headlights of the car are serious maintenance problems. It is generally difficult to repair. It is necessary to replace the headlight assembly to solve the problem completely.