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LED External Light Classification Description

- Apr 23 2019 -

Common external lights are: headlights, fog lights, license plate lights, backup lights, brake lights, turn signals, position lights, position lights, parking lights and warning lights and daytime running lights. External fixtures are generally available in white, orange, and red; vehicles that perform special tasks, such as fire trucks, police cars, ambulances, and repairs.

For LED headlights, a red, yellow or blue flashing warning light with priority pass is used. Motor vehicles should participate in safety testing and comprehensive testing on time to ensure that external lighting is complete and effective.

(1) Headlights, commonly known as "headlights", are mounted on the sides of the car's head to illuminate the road ahead. There are two lights and four lights. When the four-lamp headlights are installed side by side, one corresponding to the outer side is a near-and high-beam double-beam lamp; and one corresponding to the inner side is a high-beam single-beam lamp. The high beam is generally 40-60W, and the low beam is usually 35-55W.

(2) The fog lamp is installed on the head or tail of the car. In the case of fog, snow, heavy rain or dust, it is used to improve the lighting of the road ahead. The LED front fog lamp has a power of 3-5W and the light color is orange yellow. The rear fog lamp has a power of 3-5W and the light color is red to warn the trailing vehicle to maintain a safe distance.

(3) The LED license plate light is installed on the top or left and right sides of the rear license plate of the car. It is used to illuminate the rear license plate. The power is generally 1-2W. Ensure that the words and figures on the license plate are visible 20m after the pedestrian car.

(4) The LED reversing light is installed at the rear of the car. When the transmission is reversed, it automatically lights up, illuminating the rear side of the car, and warning the rear pedestrians to pay attention to safety. The power is generally 2-5W, and the light color is white.

(5) Brake lights are commonly known as "LED brake lights". Installed at the rear of the car. When the brake pedal is depressed, a strong red light is emitted to indicate the brake. The power is 2-5W, the light color is red, and the display area of the lamp cover is lighter than that of the rear display. In order to avoid the danger of the trailer colliding with the large car, a high-position brake light (LED strip) displayed by the light-emitting diodes in the rear window of the car can be installed.

(6) LED turn signal The main turn signal is generally installed on the left and right sides of the car head and tail to indicate the driving tendency of the vehicle. A side turn signal is installed in the middle of the car side. The main turn signal power is generally 1-3W, the side turn signal is 2W, and the light color is stray color. When turning, the light is flashing, the frequency is specified as 1.sic.5HZ, and the starting time is no more than 1.5s. When the emergency distress needs other vehicles to avoid evasive, all the turn signals can be turned on and flashed through the hazard warning light switch.