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Use Of Car Headlights

- Apr 23 2019 -

According to a car owner, when learning to drive a car, the coach did not talk about the difference between the high beam and the low beam of the lamp, so that the high beam was always used after buying the car, because the high beam is the brightest and the light The farthest.

The owner also said that he often encountered the opposite car with a headlight flashing himself, and did not know what the other party meant. It was illegal to know that it was not until I was intercepted by the traffic police.

Because the high beam can shake the driver and the rider on the opposite side of the car. In addition, if you turn on the high beam headlights when you follow the car, the light will pass through the rear view mirror of the front car and be reflected to the driver's eyes, which is also very dazzling.

In fact, the lighting conditions of urban roads are generally good, there is no need to use the headlights.

 In daily driving, it is very rude to see people seeing the headlights as a kind of "privilege". As long as there is no low-speed car in the front car, there is no right to rush after the car.

Everyone has equal road rights. You want to speeding is your own business. You don't have the right to ask for a normal vehicle to make way for you.

The headlights are the most important lighting fixtures. In the traffic regulations, the luminosity and illumination range of the headlights are required. The effect of the lighting directly affects the traffic safety of you and others. The headlights are mainly enclosed and replaceable. Enclosed means that the bulb and the lens and the lampshade are made in one piece, which facilitates mass production of the entire lamp. The square and round lights of most mini and commercial vehicles are closed. The headlights of the car are mostly irregular shapes, which are not conducive to making the closed type, so the light bulb is separated from the lamp cover and the lens. The trend now is that the more high-end cars, the more headlamps that can be replaced with light bulbs.

Auxiliary luminaires are much simpler in construction, mostly in the form of ordinary incandescent bulbs, plus colored plastic shades. In the past two years, some imported cars have used colored bulbs and transparent lampshades on the auxiliary lamps. These lamps look bright and crystal, which is really good, but the versatility of the bulbs is much worse.