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Why LED Car Headlights Are Considered Essential By Car Owners

- Apr 23 2019 -

At present, the main sources of LED car headlights are halogen, xenon and LED. Halogen headlights are common. More than 60% of new cars on the market now use halogen headlights. The advantages are low manufacturing and maintenance costs, easy replacement, and obvious shortcomings. As a former "advanced product", Xenon headlights were once popular, with high brightness and long exposure distance, which was once considered a must-have by car owners.

However, as a transitional product, Xenon headlights are also very inferior: problems such as start-up delay and strong current surge at start-up have also plagued car owners. At the same time, the penetration effect of Xenon headlights in rainy and foggy weather is not ideal, especially in foggy weather, the driver's eyes are basically white.

With the development of industrial technology, LED lighting has gradually become the trend of the future. Nowadays, in the field of household lighting, LED lighting has become the mainstream. The reason is very simple. The LED light source is replaced with a smaller power for better brightness. Better lighting results in lower energy consumption and a longer lifespan.