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Which Areas Do Light Bar Apply?

- Apr 23 2019 -

The LED light bar is a light strip that is assembled with a PCB hard board and assembled with a patch LED or an in-line LED, and different components are used depending on the need. There are 18 LEDs, 24 LEDs, 30 LEDs, 36 LEDs, 40 LEDs, etc. for the LED strips of the light bar. There are 18, 24, 36, 48, etc. Different specifications, there are front and side, and the side light is also called the Great Wall light bar.

Hard light??

LED strips are relatively easy to fix, and are easy to process and install, but they cannot be bent at will and are not suitable for irregular places. LED strips are now widely used in the furniture, automotive, advertising, lighting, shipbuilding and home decoration industries.

1, home dark groove trim such as door frame, bar, wine cabinet, wardrobe, TV cabinet and so on.

2, car beauty such as car body, car bottom.

3, the city outline lighting including buildings, advertising walls, signs, Christmas landscape and other decorations.

4. Decoration of irregular design such as polygonal wall, water drop and ceiling groove design in hotels, night clubs, KTV and other places.