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How To Do The Car Led Taillights Into The Water

- Apr 23 2019 -

As far as the overall structure of the headlights is concerned, whether it is a general halogen headlight, a xenon headlight or a headlight with a led taillight group, there is a snorkel that functions to discharge the heat of the department. In addition to the headlights, keep the normal working temperature of the headlights and ensure the stability of the headlights. If the car is wading, the foreign water will enter the outside of the headlight through the snorkel and rub it onto the lampshade, thus reacting to the brightness of the lamp and the damage to the lamp circuit.

1, a slight water

Compared with the slight water in the lamp, the driver's friend does not need to worry too much. After the lamp is closed for a period of time, the fog will be discharged outside the lamp through the vent pipe, which will not damage the headlights and electrical circuits.

2, heavy water

The car is strictly watered, and the draining condition outside the headlights is enough to raise fish. So we dismantled it and opened the lamp umbrella. After wetting it, we examined the condition of the headlight surface and did not notice protection. If your car is also heavily influent, you need to disassemble the lamp and check whether the headlights are damaged or have a leaky center. If you find a difference, I propose to change the headlights and the snorkel.